Providing the most reliable, low-maintenance and tailored smart locker solutions worldwide.

Our innovations– What we accomplished. So far 😉

The launch of technically and technologically improved products/components of Metra electronic smart locker locking system, which are enabling even more options, features and tailored smart locker solutions for different facilities, different types of locker user and locker use dynamics.

Our easy to use workplace locker management software, MyMetraLockers, provides complete remote, real-time overview and management of every locker, locker key and locker user. Managing hundreds or thousands of employee lockers was never easier. Optimise and tailor the locker use to suits your company activity-based or other office policies.

We developed a smart locker system solution, which enables organisations, with an existing HID™ access control, to extend their high access security to their office / employee lockers. Seamlessly integrated solution enables employees to use their lockers with the same access smart card or HID Mobile Access™ app.

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With the expansion of mobile technologies in our professional and everyday life, the Metra mobile app MyMetraKey (Android/iOS) enables each locker user to use and manage an activity-based locker on the go – literally from anywhere in the world.

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A second generation contact-less access control and electronic locking system offers even more features, providing easier 3rd party hardware and software integration. The new development mainly focused on adding more functionalities, grouping them into “models” build for special purpose of use. This gave us possibility to focus on other industries and fields of implementation, providing our re-sellers with a much wider range of potential customers.

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Listening and understanding the market needs led us to integrate many new technologies. ISO 14443 Type A technology presented an important milestone, making our systems even more customer tailored. This was possible by a wide spread ISO 14443 Type A technology acceptance.

Complete access control and electronic locking solution including cashless vending, based on ISO 14443 Type A technology, proved to be the element of quality sought for by the investors of Thermana Laško Waterpark.

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We have cooperated on one of the most recognisable regional ISO 14443 Type A technology projects, Ljubljana city card, Urbana. We integrated Urbana smart card as a visitor (locker) key in Ljubljana’s sport facilities.

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We encouraged the wide-spread web-migration policy and prepared the first web based software application, purposed to support complete electronic locking solution. This change of thinking provided new opportunities and radically changed the way we think about integrated and networked systems. The new web based approach offers a much less demanding integration work and system support, saving a lot of customer costs.


At this time we also introduced a new Ski Lockers solution. The solution offers purpose build hardware and software components, allowing ski resorts to function better and offer more to their visitors. It proved to be a good step forward, performing more installations every year.


New system was developed using contactless RFID technology. First installation was performed at Blue Lagoon resort, Iceland.


Existing access control or membership cards are supported, enabling locker usage using the same media. Contactless technology also enabled us to implement cashless vending which became a standard functionality in all later Metra systems.

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Building on access control experience, we added the possibility for visitor to use a single contact smart card to access pool and their locker. This approach allowed much more safety for their personal items. It also simplified customer’s visit, using only one media, not a bunch of them.


In next few years we have cooperated on various contact smart card technology projects like Loyalty card Pika (Mercator) and Slovenian Health Insurance Card (ZZZS). Slovenian Health Insurance Card, a nationwide project, operated more than 2 million contact smart cards and more than 6000 contact smart card readers.


Only a single media was used to open a hotel lock and to access the swimming pool area. We named the smart card “LCC card” (Leisure Center Card). After this LCC became a familiar expression used with various product and solution titles.


Our Mission– What we do

We develop and implement most reliable and user-friendly electronic locking for lockers and access control systems. With the experience gained in over 25 years, we offer most innovative and fully tailored locking solutions which will help to increase the high level of your services for your customers and and also enable you additional revenue options.

Our Vision– What we strive for

To develop the most secure, reliable, integrable, scalable, user-friendly and fully tailored electronic locking solutions for workplace and other types of storage lockers with the minimum maintenance cost and time in its lifespan, and fully tailored to customer wishes, needs and requirements.

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