Complete entry to exit solution: access control, electronic locking for lockers and cashless vending.

Access Control System
for a complete Metra solution

We provide a complete solution including access control, electronic locking, cashless vending and Third Party components integration. A single ticket allows a customer to perform actions of entering the facility and other restricted areas, opening and closing the locker and cashless payments throughout the facility:

  • Wide range of user keys supported: RFID, ski pass, employee card, PIN code, barcode, …
  • Various ticket types (members, packages, staff, …);
  • Time validity, points, entry combinations and delays;
  • Additional services with different tax rates supported;
  • Debit or credit cashless payment, deposits;
  • Ticket pre-sales (coupon), barcode bonus coupons;
  • Upon exit tickets can be retained (Metra Wristband Collector);
  • Various software license levels;
  • Orderman and Third Party integrations;
  • Compatilble with all Metra components.


Looking for a complete secure entry to exit solution?


Components for Access Control

Components most frequently used in access control.

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Metra electronic Lock RFID

with built-in RFID Reader

Turnstile Access Terminal

Controlling entrance barriers.

Door Access Terminal

Controlling internal passages.

Projects in Access Control

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