New central activity center.
In March 2013, Kristiansand region became a proud owner of a new central activity center. Aquarama is a complete system with waterpark, sports pool, diving pool, spa, fitness center, sports hall and various services in public health. The project covers a total area of approximately 41,000 sqm, a sports pool 50×25 meters, elite sports arena for handball with approximately 1700 seats and a water park with capacity for 1,000 guests at the same time.
Aquarama, with its stunning location on Bystranda in Kristiansand, a resource facility for the region’s residents and an attraction for tourists – a center for public health, adventure, sports and wellness.
All in one central activity center like Aquarama benefits from Metra networked electronic locking and access control solution as it offers overview of all the system from one location. One operation is able to manage the entire installtion from a single location.

Find out more: Aquarama case study Download

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