Contributing to peace of mind of visitors or students during their stay at public or educational facilities.

Public and education facilities
lockers for visitors and students

Existing RFID smart card (student card, library card, shop card, etc.), as well as any other RFID media along with Barcode, PIN code and Metra mobile app can be used as a locker key. Lockers can be rental, free of charge or combination of both. Metra locker management software provides an overview and management of every activity of each locker over the entire electronic locker installation. This provides a low cost (spare parts, maintenance staff) and time maintenance during the entire locker installation life span.

Mit Metra electronic locking solution you can totally forget about lost or broken keys, forgotten PIN codes, “hijacked” lockers and even about regularly changing batteries in battery locks. Applicable in various public locations:

  • – Hospitals / Clinics
  • – Schools / Universities
  • – Shopping Malls
  • – Libraries / museums
  • – and other.
Looking for a solution for rental or free-of-charge lockers?


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UK Department for Transport

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