Metra components offer unlimited amount of applications.

Metra IoT OEM Hardware components

Tailored Metra electronic locking solutions can be easily configured using a variety of Metra electronic locking IoT OEM components. Some are designed to offer additional functionalities when integrating them with Third Party custom hardware (access control) and/or software (facility SW,..).

Metra electronic Lock

Reliable electric-motor lock.

Metra electronic Lock RFID

with built-in RFID Reader

MyMetraKey mobile app

For remote locker usage. The


User interface component.

Reader Terminal

Networked user interface.

Metra Reader

With genuine HID Technology.

Reader Terminal Touch

Touch screen user interface.

Door Access Terminal

Controlling internal passages.

Tripod Turnstile

Automated entrance barrier.

Turnstile Access Terminal

Controlling entrance barriers.

Wristband Issuer

Automated wristband issuing.

Locker Rental Terminal

Locker rental automization.

Payment Terminal

Enabling self service payment.

Parking Access Terminal

Outside mounted component.

Components & Accessories

Power supplies, cables etc.

Metra Software

Offering advanced management, overview and reporting on usage specifics. All features from Metra softwares can be easily integrated into Third Party software.

Metra Locker Management

Basic locker functionalities.

Metra Locker Rental

Complete POS functionalities.

Metra Delivery Lockers

Managing you delivery lockers.

Metra Access Control

Access control management.
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