Providing safe and error-free deliveries and pick-ups while saving your time and money.

Delivery and Pick-up lockers
Locking solution for inside or outside lockers

Metra electronic locking solution for your inside (office mail) or outside (web shoping, dry cleaning, etc.) Delivery and/or Pick-up lockers:

  • – Various locker “keys” supported: Barcode, PIN code, RFID smart card,…;
  • – Process management using mobile devices or tablet PCs;
  • – Instant E-mail and / or mobile message notifications to recipients upon delivery;
  • – Multiple logics: Single delivery / multiple pick-ups – multiple deliveries / multiple pick-ups – Single delivery / single pick-up;
  • – Compatible with all Metra door access control components (for limited access to locker room);
  • Metra IoT solution for third party HW and SW integrations for fully custom delivery and pick-up locker solutions


Need a reliable Delivery & Pick-up locker solution?


Components for Delivery Lockers

Components most frequently used in delivery lockers.

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Metra electronic Lock

Reliable electric-motor lock.

Reader Terminal

Networked user interface.

Metra Delivery Lockers

Managing you delivery lockers.
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