Future office concept.
Pleasant working environment supports better work results and promotes growth. Being a desk sharing or fixed desk organization, both embrace office lockers as an important element of the future office concepts realized all over the globe.
The history of Gjensidige Forsikring traces back to 20-ties of the 19th century. The company has been providing insurance services for nearly 200 years. Its subsidiaries operate in the Baltics, Denmark and Sweden. Through these years they have established their reputation as a leading Nordic general insurance company.
Gjensidige Forsikring’s investment, forward thinking and new concept implementation will bring growth for years to come.
Metra electronic locking system for office lockers is just one of many advanced systems this office space uses to function optimally. More than 1400 lockers have been integrated with building access control system. Once employees receive access control and time & attendance rights, they are also able to use lockers during their stay at the offices. System allows random locker selection or assigned lockers setup.

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