The first golf course in Bled.
Connoisseurs ranked the course as being amongst Europe’s most beautiful from its very opening due to its location and beautiful setting. Among particularly prestigious guests that played golf at Bled before the war were Crown Prince Paul and the Duke of Kent with his wife the Duchess Marina, a princess of Greece. The most ardent players of golf were diplomats and foreign ambassadors, who stayed in Bled hotels, above all the English Sir Ronald Campbell.

Existing locker room and separate caddy storage had to be retro-fitted to use the same lockers, but to provide Metra system functionalities. It provides complete entry to exit solution for golf clubs. The system can be configured as simple as electronic locking for lockers or as a more advanced system including access control and cashless vending components.

Members use locker reservations on a long-term basis. Membership cards allow members to use clothes and caddy locker room, as well as cashless payment at the club bar. One day visitors receive a barcode print-out on the receipt after settling the green fee. This barcode enables visitor to enter and use a clothes and caddy locker.

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