Groceries delivery.  
Whether you are very busy or you just want some convenience to avoid time spending for shopping groceries. Avoiding road traffic jams and big city hustle. Grocer Lock offers products as any other supermarkets. All conveniently delivered to your home or delivery to locker close by.

Locker locations all around Bangkok. Customers that are not often at home, do not have time to collect the package anywhere else or just want privacy, are able to use delivery lockers service when purchasing items on-line.

Each locker location offers quality electronic locks connected to the central user interface. To ensure highest possible system availability, a Metra Server is use at each separate location, offering packages pickup even when internet connection to the server cannot be established.

Final system is fully scalable and can accept more locations at a later time. Simply just add Metra electronic locking components, use Metra Server and location will join the existing system.

Find out more: Grocer Lock case study Download

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