Novelty full of superlatives.
Kokpunkten or in English “The boiling point” is Sweden’s first action-bad with eight floors in the legendary old steam power plant in Västerås – an attraction certainly worth visiting.

The boiling point is somewhat unique, an experience that stimulates all the senses. With the help of digital technology created different environments by changing sound, lighting and video. Visitors can enjoy new powerful HD movies in Aqua Cinema, the world’s unique 340-degree cinema in the water, as well as the lighting that differs totally from theme to theme.

In this water park, full of superlatives, also a reliable and modern electronic locking and access control system needed to be installed. This is why in Kokpunkten more than 1.200 lockers were equipped with the newest Metra electronic locking system with reader on each door. Because of the complexity of the whole project, third party integrations had to be done on the hardware as well as the software level of the installation.

Find out more: Kokpunkten Actionbad case study Download

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