Komáromi Gyógyfürdő

Indoor & Outdoor Waterpark
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More than 50 years tradition.
The Komáromi Spa is located at the heart of the city. It offers nearly 50 years of experience serving guests in it’s medicinal healing and relaxational atmosphere. Bath offers various atractions like summer beach, swimming pool, thermal pools, medicinal services and rheumatology specialist. It also offers public bathing and relaxation during spare time, health services and healing opportunities for retired, middle-aged, young people and children.

The medical department offers electrotherapy, balneotherapy, spa wraps and rheumatology specialist. Also complex balneo fiziotherapy treatment is ofered at the spa due to a long professional history, showing various competences of their staff.
Metra offered Komáromi Spa a simple but effective beach lockers solution, integrating locker coin payment module.

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