Electronic locker, access control and cashless vending solutions for leisure and sport facilities.

Leisure and sport facilities
daily and / or weekly lockers

Metra offers a complete solution for leisure and sport facilities. The Metra electronic locking system for short- and mid-term lockers (for daily and weekly users / visitors) and various access control solutions ensure a safe storage of personal belongings of your guests and also offer you a full control over guest flow from and into your facility.
Furthermore, with a cashless vending solution, your guests are able to use their wristbands or smart cards within your facility to pay for food, drinks and additional services you offer (and settle it at the exit).
A peace of mind of the guests is the key to success in any of these applications:

  • – Waterparks
  • – Ski Resorts
  • – Wellness & Spas
  • – Fitness
  • – Beaches
  • – Hotels
  • – Golf Courses
  • – Amusement Parks and other.

Looking for a reliable solution for short-term lockers?


Projects in Leisure & Sport

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Golf Club Bled

The first golf course in Bled.

Freestyle Center Minsk

Indoor freestyle skiing.

Kokpunkten Actionbad

Novelty full of superlatives.

Components for Leisure & Sport

Components most frequently used in leisure and sport.

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Metra electronic Lock

Reliable electric-motor lock.

Turnstile Access Terminal

Controlling entrance barriers.

Reader Terminal

Networked user interface.
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