Hygienic and flexible smart storage for a safe and effective healthcare

Hospitals need a smart, hygienic and space-saving storage system that employees and patients can use with ease. Flexible locker allocation reduces the space needed for locker storage and ensures frictionless access to a personal locker with shift rotations. The Metra smart locker system implements health dedicated solutions to minimize the needed locker user’s interaction: touchless unlocking of lockers, touchless opening of the locker doors, easy to clean lockers, automatic cleaning service mode and many others, all of the utmost importance in a demanding and highly dynamic hospital environment.

Safe, touchless & hygienic smart storage for dynamic and effective healthcare.

Elevate hygiene, staff efficiency and wellbeing at your healthcare facility.

“With all the covid-19 related measures and the stress that comes with it, it helps not to also worry about safety and hygiene when I use my wardrobe locker.”

Clinical specialist, Swiss Hospital