World’s most hygienic, secure and convenient parcel delivery locker system

Be it with growing online shopping, remote work or co-working spaces, physical goods delivery is becoming a growing logistics challenge, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world. Metra’s delivery & pick-up lockers are the world’s most reliable and customisable smart locker system solution for this problem, bringing a fully automated, cost cutting, safe and user convenient pick-up solution for your inbound, outbound or in-house logistics.

Discover all the benefits smart delivery & pick up station can deliver to your business

Resolve your logistical challenges, save time & money and be ready for the future.

“Since adding our intelligent parcel delivery lockers, our mail room efficiency has risen exponentially. Our staff experience in collecting their mail – at their convenience has been a game changer.”

Mail-room manager, leading global financial company

“We selected Metra Smart Locker units because of their ability to customise the design to the needs and requirements of our customers. This ability ensures we as a business stand out from a crowded market and offer our customers a say in how they look and feel. The functionality and design of their locker system is of a high level and fits in perfectly within corporate environments. ”

Area manager, leading commercial solutions provider.