Optimise facility management and boost sustainable smart building experience in one stroke

Expand your sustainable facility management by offering business commuters or residential tenants smart End-of-Trip lockers they will love to use. Metra will provide you with the most reliable, energy-efficient, maintenance-free smart locker system that is easy to integrate in your smart building systems and existing access control solutions. Improve the overall wellbeing and help the environment by using sustainable smart building solutions.

Looking for End-Of-Trip lockers for your smart building?

Talk to our experts with experiences from EoT projects from around the world.

“Our client with rental office building wanted to offer EoT lockers to their corporate tenants. They also wanted to go from using three access card for various building services to a single one. We believed it was achievable and the guys at Metra provided a EoT locker system and a solution capable of providing exactly what we wanted to achieve. It significantly improved experience of the tenants and simplified facility operations.”

Senior Facility manager, Mirvac operations, Australia