Student friendly lockers.
Carefree everyday school-life for Meldal Skole students. With Metra electronic locking system heavy backpacks and lost locker keys are history. The Meldal school is situated 2 km south of Løkken Verk in the community of Meldal in the county Sør-Trøndelag in Norway. The school was established in 1964 and had at that time only two classes for mechanical engineering. Today it has more than 310 students.

Each student at Meldal Skole receives an RFID card to which a specific locker is assigned for a certain period of time. Along with the card, student also receives a valid 4 digit PIN code which he needs to use if he wants to enter the school’s premises. The unlocking procedure is simple: the student presents the contactless card to the centrally positioned reader and the locker corresponding door opens. The locker will remain secure and safely locked merely by closing the door.

The key advantages of Metra’s school lockers system are: its simplicity and ease of use, possibility to check and manage locker occupancy, alarm messages which are distributed to all computers connected into the network and easy setup of master and multi keys for system managers.

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