For remote locker usage.    
The MyMetraKey (MMK) mobile application works as does any RFID smart card or tag – but with two very important exceptions – you can remotely open or manage a locker from anywhere in the world, and you can do it without RFID user interface (reader).
MMK is a locker design-friendly solution as it doesn’t visually interfere with modern, clean-line locker designs. Something that office interior designers have always wanted.

It’s a great solution for multi office layout, where there are small numbers of electronic lockers for employees in each office and where multiple RFID readers would be otherwise needed.
MMK is also a great cost saving solution as no RFID user interfaces are needed for your electronic locking solution.

MyMetraKey functions and features can be customised to the specifics of each locker installation (employee lockers, hot desk lockers, etc.).

A user can manage multiple lockers at multiple (company) locations with the MyMetraKey app on his/her mobile phone.Please find below a list of some of the app functionalities:

    • Remotely unlock and open a locker
    • Remotely book a free rental locker
    • Remotely choose size of a locker (if different sizes available)
    • Remotely choose the time period for locker usage
    • Remotely extend the time period for locker usage
    • Remotely end a locker usage – “release” a locker



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