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Your smart storage lockers should provide a hygienic and contact-less locker use

Want to provide a safer, hygienic and contactless locker use to your employees, guests and others? Various storage lockers, used for storing personal belongings or else, are used by employees, students, customers and others on a daily basis. In modern and dynamic offices, hospitals, universities or other facilities, a sharable and easy accessible lockers are a necessity. [...]

enero 21, 2021|Categories: Blog & Trends, News|

Different smart locker locks types

What is a smart lock? A smart lock for locker, sometimes also called digital locker lock, electronic locker lock, rfid locker or card locker, is the integral part of an integrated smart locker system used in a storage locker, wardrobe locker, cabinet etc. It is powered by electric current and can be managed through a central control system. [...]

diciembre 2, 2020|Categories: Blog & Trends, Technology|

Lanzamiento de la nueva página web de Metra

Hello world! Lanzamiento de la nueva página web de Metra Probablemente ya lo hayas notado: ¡la página web de Metra ha sido actualizada! El nuevo sitio web completamente rediseñado ofrece a los visitantes una visión más rica de la propuesta de valor, los productos y los servicios de la Compañía. LJUBLJANA, 21 [...]

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