Courses for 15.000 students.
The Nova College provides vocational education for young people, basic and secondary education as well as business courses for adults in the area west of Amsterdam and Schiphol Airport. With their 1200 members of staff they are able to provide courses for 15.000 students above age of 16.
The vocational education encompasses Economics, Technology, Social Care, Health and Welfare from assistant to specialist/middle management. The vocational education offers two learning pathways: five days of college a week alternated with practical training and a combination of work and schooling. The basic and secondary education varies from literacy up to and including pre-university education.
Metra solution based on RFID card technology enables staff to assign a specific locker to a specific student, to be reused frequently throughout the pre-defined usage period.

Metra & EAZZ Nova College School lockers solution from Metra Engineering on Vimeo.

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