Metra electronic Lock

Reliable electric-motor lock.

Turnstile Access Terminal

Controlling entrance barriers.

Reader Terminal

Networked user interface.

Metra electronic Lock RFID

with built-in RFID Reader

Locker Rental Terminal

Locker rental automization.

Tripod Turnstile

Automated entrance barrier.


RFID wristbands, cards,…

Wristband Issuer

Automated wristband issuing.

Reader Terminal Touch

Touch screen user interface.

Components & Accessories

Power supplies, cables etc.

Metra Access Control

Access control management.

Metra Locker Rental

Complete POS functionalities.

Metra Locker Management

Basic locker functionalities.

Door Access Terminal

Controlling internal passages.

Payment Terminal

Enabling self service payment.

MDB Payment Terminal

Vending machine integration.
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