Touch screen user interface.
Metra Reader Terminal Touch is a user interface for Metra electronic locking systems. Reading RFID tickets and enabling users to use their lockers is its main function. 10 inch VGA LCD screen enables advanced user interaction by entering personal PIN code or their locker number, getting information in return. Graphical User Interface can be tailored to a specific project or customer, promoting the brand.

It combines an industrial embedded PC hardware running Windows Embedded operating system, 10” LCD TFT screen with build in touch panel and optionally a Metra RFID media or barcode reader. In order to assure reliable operation, solid-state drive is used in order to avoid any moving parts vulnerable to use and to assure silent operation. Please find below a list of some of the functionalities offered by the two terminals:

    • Multilingual interface
    • Complete Personal Computer (PC)
    • Embedded 10″ VGA LCD Touch screen
    • Build-in Metra RFID or barcode reader
    • Operates on Metra Reader Terminal Touch software
    • Other MS Windows compatible 3rd party SW can be used
    • Solid state drive, LAN Network connectivity, 4 x USB 2.0 connectors
    • Direct Metra NET Network connectivity supported
    • Operates with Metra electronic locking and access control software
    • Audio signalization (also in case of break-in alarm)

It can also be user as a Metra Info terminal for displaying important information to the visitor: spent time in the facility, cashless vending transactions (money spent), locker number, rented equipment list and all other info required by the customer.

Additional Reader Terminal Touch OEM functionalities:

    • Vandal proof touch screen
    • In-wall / In-locker mounting
    • External reader terminals support


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