Oasis at the heart of nature.
A pearl in an intact oasis of nature, among mighty vegetation and surrounded by beneficial effects of thermal springs will woke up a wish for creativity, relaxation and rest. Prepared just for you, an offer of services for better condition and preserving health, working and creative energy.
The peace and quiet of natural climatic resort and the unique composition of thermal water that labeled Rimske terme as one of the best known healing places in Slovenia. A rich offer of services focusing on the beneficial effects of the nature are the reasons that create unique conditions for relaxation and are inviting you to activity. In an effort to awaken harmony and the experience of perfection, they offer a world away from reality.
Metra’s complete access control and electronic locking solution enables managers to better manage visitors and to allow visitors to relax free of their worries. All personal belonging are well protected inside the lockers.

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