Project Description

A five-star Resort & Outdoor Waterpark Atlantis on the Palm Dubai was the first resort to be built on the island, on the very tip, and is based on the myth of Atlantis.

It offers top of the line five-star experience and attractions for children and adults. The main attraction is a 17 ha water park with seven water slides and a 2.3-kilometre river ride consisting of rides with cascades, tidal waves and rapids.

Metra smart locker system was selected to contribute to overall high-end user experience for water park guests. Seamless integration with third-party access control enables disposable wristbands with barcode to be used to self-assign, unlock and release wardrobe locker. Metra Touch Displays provide locker related info in 6 languages.

They flawlessly function in demanding, hot and humid Dubai climate. HPL lockers provide resilient and robust storage against water and humidity. The smart locker solution at Atlantis also used Metra locker management software for real-time info on Metra lock and locker statuses and locker user activities.