Project Description

Smart lockers for activity-based workplace at EY offices in Hungary, but also in other European countries, are equipped with Metra smart locker system.

Due to EY’s office aesthetic and security demands, all locker doors needed to have a clean-line design, with only a locker number sticker on the door panel.
EY employees can touchlessly self-assign a short-term locker for the day with their access card. They can also use their mobile phone as select a vacant locker via MyMetraKey mobile application. The smart locker system enables employees to occupy the locker which is the closest to their workspace for the day. Company administration uses Metra locker management software for a real-time overview on locker statuses and instant administration of managing locker users and locker keys. Locker use data enables administration to optimize the locker use and adapt it to the dynamic and configuration of each office floor.