Project Description

smart lockers hybrid work
Nasdaq introduced a hybrid work arrangement in their NY offices. The Metra Smart Locker System enables employees to more easily adapt to the new work dynamic.

The Nasdaq Stock Market (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations Stock Market) is the second-largest stock exchange in the world, and it plays a vital role in incorporating technology into the trading process. The Nasdaq provides an alternative to the New York Stock Exchange for companies that want to list their stocks on a U.S.-based stock exchange. Its market cap for 2021 was 19,4 trillion US dollars.

When Nasdaq decided to go hybrid, and as a hybrid work arrangement became available to employees at the NY Nasdaq offices, the Metra Smart locker solution was chosen to enable employees to easily adapt their personal storage preferences to the new hybrid work arrangement. The employees can now easily occupy and vacate personal lockers by using their access badges. It gives each employee the option to use and manage a locker based on personal preferences.

After the lockers are vacated, the lockers can be automatically assigned to cleaning or janitorial staff to prepare them for the next users (disinfect the locker, check if it is empty, etc.)  Metra Smart locker management provides remote, real-time administration and insights on everything related to the status of the lockers, individual locker activities, and else. It gives the administrator the possibility to instantly adapt locker use (which lockers are available and where, how they can be used and by whom) across the entire building or just for individual locker locations on different floors.

As Metra Smart locks are fully concealed within the lockers, the creatively designed locker banks have a modern, fully clean-line shape. The individual locker banks also function as partition walls, dividing office space into smaller sections, or as a place to have a quick chat with a colleague while accessing your office locker.