Project Description

Metra provided smart locker system for smart office lockers for employees of Dutch construction company in their modern, sustainable HQ building.

The company employees were using personalized RFID tags for HID™ access control system and also for the office printers. They didn’t want to use ordinary keys or an additional smart media just for the lockers.

Each employee has its own individual locker which can be access by personal RFID tag. Employees, working on a certain project team, have also access to specific project locker which stores documentation and other items related to the project.

Due to fully concealed Metra system, the company put graphics of their real estate projects on the locker doors to visually invigorate the lockers and to be in line with the already creatively designed office space.

Metra locker management system provides easy real-time management and info on locks, lockers, locker users and locker media.