Project Description

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) & Sydney Trains are operating agencies under the transport cluster of the NSW Government. Established with the goal to deliver a safe, integrated and efficient transport system across NSW along with making NSW a better place to live, work and visit. METRA Australia partnered with TfNSW Roads & Maritime Services Sydney Trains and delivered a personal storage system that satisfies the needs of their staff.

Lockers for employees are equipped with Metra smart locker system, which enables employees to conveniently use the HID access cards and HID mobile app (HID Mobile Access™) as their personal office locker keys.

The solution enables a user-friendly two locker key solution, enabling an employee to use its mobile phone, with an easy twist and go movement, to unlock and open its locker.

Staff have also the option to self-assign a End-of-trip locker via Metra Touch Display in the building’s End-of-Trip section.

Metra smart locker locks and locking system was installed across 10,000 lockers over more than 30 individual floors, located in over 14 separate sites throughout NSW.