Project Description

Smart parcel lockers with Metra smart locker system, used by students and faculty members of Wake Forest University

Universities and colleges must also give thought to the contactless exchange of goods on campus. Especially with the new focus on reducing contact without adding friction, many institutions are looking to touch-less storage solutions to meet the growing need. Touch-less lockers provide streamlined convenience and reduce the need for direct contact. On campuses, the touch-less experience is facilitated by the ID cards every member of the community carries. Using a student or staff ID card or a mobile credential, individuals only require their smartphone to swipe and access the locker they need. Students or faculty can use the mobile credentials in their phone or their campus ID to open the smart parcel lockers. They can conveniently drop off or retrieve materials without turning a key or lock, touching a screen or entering in a 4-digit PIN code. Closing the locker door again with an elbow nudge, the user can enjoy a practically touch-less experience.

Students are up and about at all hours, but that doesn’t mean librarians and IT offices need to be too. A bank of smart lockers installed in a safe, well-lit area open to those with proper ID 24/7 makes things easier. Beyond the happier campus community members, the university benefits in other ways too. Using touch-less parcel and delivery lockers for different departments, the institution can streamline business in a way that saves time and money. Plus, the helicopter parents at Family Weekend will be happy to hear their beloved offspring can get grocery or food delivery on campus safely. All this while minimizing contact and prioritizing well-being of students and faculty members.