The most reliable, low-maintenance and user-friendly locker system for storage lockers.

Electronic locking systemfor smart storage lockers

The Metra electronic locking system enables smart storage lockers for variety of implementations (offices, factories / employee lockers, universities, schools / student lockersleisure, sport / visitor, family lockers, etc.), which are easily tailored to any wish and requirement. The hearth of each solution is a patented, highly reliable (motor driven) Metra smart lock, suitable for various, also most challenging environments. All Metra installations are hard-wired, meaning your smart locker solution is eco-friendly and you also don’t have to deal with time and money consuming chores of regularly replacing lock batteries (usually two batteries per lock). The Metra electronic locking system can be easily installed into new or existing lockers (retrofitted) from different locker materials (HPL, metal, wood, etc.).

Supports all RFID standards

99,9% of RFID media standards can be used: LF, ISO 15693, ISO 14443A and ISO 14443B (Mifare, HID iClass™, Seos™, mobile Seos™, Sony FeliCa, LEGIC, CEPAS, etc.). Additionally, Bar code, QR code, PIN Code, fingerprint or mobile app (MyMetraKey, HID Mobile Access™) can be used as a locker keys as well. They can be used as a secondary media, to an RFID smart card or fob, to provide an additional level of locker access security or higher level of user-friendly locker use.

Variety of user interfaces

Metra electronic locker system is available with different user interfaces, ranging from 10” Metra Touch Display (branded UI Software as an option) or Metra 4-digit LED in combination with ISO, HID™, Legic, Barcode or Fingerprint reader (central un-/locking), to Metra mobile app, HID Mobile Access™ app (remote unlocking) and on-door RFID reader ( on-door un-/locking).

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