Complete entry to exit solutions for sport & leisure facilities

Metra is most renowned for its smart locker system, but we also provide a complete entry to exit access and storage solution for sport & leisure facilities, including main entrance and individual door access control, electronic locking for lockers, cashless vending and more. Metra’s access products can be easily integrated with existing facility hardware or software.

Door Access Terminal

Door Access Terminal Combo (DAT Combo) is designed to form a combined, one-way checkpoint in the Metra Access Control and Metra smart locker system.

In the access control system, a preferred RFID media is used as a door key. For higher security (e.g. outside door, etc.) a user specific PIN code, as an addition to RFID media, can be used. Used with the smart locker system, RFID media, or a locker number followed by a locker’s PIN code, which is used as a smart locker key, can also be used as a door key (e.g. for locker room doors).

Wristband Issuer

Metra Wristband Issuer (WBI) enables automatic issuing of RFID wristbands to your guests. The solution also enables facility guests to order and pay for entrance online thus significantly reducing crowded entry hours and offering a user-friendly service to mobile-savvy guests. It can be used as a sole option or in combination with the reception desk (if crowded or reception staff is not present).

Metra WBI can hold up to 260 Metra RFID wristbands and can be seamlessly integrated with any 3rd party ticketing or payment system to provide a self-service entrance solution for your smart leisure or sport facility. The Metra WBI is connected with Metra Turnstile Access Terminal (TAT) and Wrist Band Collector (WBC) for automatic wristband capturing upon exit of the guest to provide a frictionless user-experience for your guests.

Turnstile Access Terminal

Metra turnstile access terminal (TAT) is a user-friendly access solution for fully integrable entrance and/or exit checkpoint with RFID media.  It is designed to be used in high guest frequency areas, primarily in sports and leisure facilities, as it significantly improves revenues and overall visitor experience as the technology eliminates waiting queues and reduces overall reception staff workload.

Made out of stainless steel, it can drive various types of access control barriers from any third-party manufacturer (one- or two-way barriers). One of TAT’s main advantages is that it can be integrated with our patented automatic wristband collector (WBC) to be used as an entry as well as an exit access point.

Cashless vending & payments

Third-party vending/payment services (software) for your services and products can be seamlessly integrated with the Metra smart access and storage solution to provide guests at your facility a higher level of offered services and products and, most importantly, a higher overall user-experience. Guests use their wristbands as cashless debit card and settle the amount prior to exit.

Wrist band collector

Metra Wristband Collector (WBC) enables reading, approval checking and automatic retrieval of reusable RFID wristbands.  WBC is designed to be used in high visitor frequency areas, primarily in sports and leisure facilities, as it significantly improves revenues by lowering costs of unpaid services (i.e. runaway visitors), costs of stolen, lost or misplaced wristbands and reduces overall reception staff workload. Above all automatic wristband retrieval improves visitor experience, since the technology eliminates exit queues. In case cashless payment is used, user’s RFID media is scanned to first check if there are any unpaid credits, upon which the WBC opens and collects the reusable RFID media and allows the visitor to ext.

WBC can be integrated with turnstile access terminal (TAT) for an exit access point.