The (smart) System behind the smart lock

Benefit from using the smart locker system, from real-time management and analytics, interconnectedness, seamless integrability to sustainability. No matter the purpose, facility or locker usage, Metra’s smart locker system will always prove you made the right choice.

Real time management & insights

Metra smart locker system provides complete locker management with real-time locker activity insights and usage reports. Locker administrators will appreciate the user-friendly interface and its tools to check the status and what is going on with any locker at any given moment. The system is available as a local or cloud installation.

Optimisation reports

Various data, like locker occupancy or locker use dynamics can provide an important insight for optimising locker usage and elevate locker availability in your company or facility.


Regardless of the locations of your locker banks (different floors, buildings, cities, or even different countries), you can always rely on real-time locker management and insights of each lock and locker status of your multi-location smart locker solution.

Easy Integration

Seamlessly integrate Metra smart locker system with various facility or smart building systems. Optimise the use and management of your facility access media and improve user-experience and wellbeing with one or multiple smart locker solutions for different purposes (office lockers, end-of-trip lockers, workplace parcel lockers).

Highly secure

Due to its secure hardwired design and local installation, Metra’s locker system is attested and used in high risk facilities and operations by various clients in the financial, security and other industries.

Metra smart locker system is equipped with real-time security features, visual and audible alarms and break-in attempt detecting sensors. That means the alarm is triggered during the attempt to break in, giving you enough time to react (and before the locker is actually broken into).

Low-energy consumption & sustainability

Each Metra smart locker system is a low-consumption system, as it is powered by low-voltage electricity. Compared to battery-powered locks, there is no replacing of thousands of environmentally harmful batteries, which also take many dozens of man-hours to replace them (during that time the lockers also can’t be used). Metra smart locker system is maintenance-free, sustainable and eco-friendly storage solution, saving time, money, space while also minimising a company’s and facility’s environmental footprint.

Full-scale flexibility and adaptability

Metra smart locker system is extremely flexible and user-centric. It adapts to your organisation, your workplace and preferred ways of use. Lockers can be permanently assigned from the locker management software, self-assigned on-the-fly, rented out, used for drop offs and pick ups or even shared (lockers for project documentation). Our smart locker management system allows you to configure locker use to your dynamic at any time. You can control which users can occupy the lockers, for how long, and the media with which users unlock them, without ever going near the lockers.

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