User Interfaces

Choose or combine user interfaces to tailor the desired locker use experience to the maximum. With Metra you get the biggest range of options and combinations of smart locker “keys” and locker use on the market, which ensures the most suitable and practical use for your users, facility and your organisation.

Full mobile flexibility

The MyMetraKey mobile app transforms your smart phone into a smart locker key and a hand-held Touch Display for individual locker management. The MMK app enables you to remotely use and manage your personal locker from virtually anywhere (even when at home or on a business trip).
Your smart phone can be used as a sole locker key or you can combine it with other smart access media, like your employee or student access card of fob.
The Metra smart locker solution with the MMK app enables the most clean-line locker design of your smart lockers on the market.
The MyMetraKey mobile app is available for Android and iOS devices.

Mobile Twist & Go

Suppose you use HID digital ID to access you office or building. In that case, you can unlock and open your Metra smart locker with a simple Twist & Go movement with your mobile phone (with your digital ID card) or clicking a button on your smart watch.

As an HID Advance Technology Partner, we seamlessly extend your existing HID access control security
to your workplace or student lockers so employees or students can use their HID access cards and/or digital IDs to securely and effortlessly access personal and team/project lockers.

Metra Touch Display 10

The Metra smart locker solution with the Metra Touch Display 10 is intended for modern, dynamic and user-centric corporate offices and other facilities, which want to offer the highest level of touchless, flexible and user-friendly locker experience to each individual locker user. The 10″ Metra Touch Display with full HD resolution offers the most visual and individual smart locker experience packed with smart locker features. It is the go-to choice of many frontrunners from various industries for personal storage locker and/or for indoor drop-off and pickup lockers.
The Metra Touch Display 10 can be installed vertically or horizontally, depending of client’s preferences. It offers multilingual support and various options for the most user-friendly and user-oriented locker use. The GUI of the Metra Touch Display 10 can be fully customised with your corporate colours, logo or else (on request).
The smart lockers with the Metra Touch Display 10 smart locker solution can be access with any access locker media of choice (employee card/fob/wristband, smart phone, smart watch, etc.).
In short, when using your smart lockers with the Metra Touch Display 10, your locker users get the most individually tailored locker use and the most frictionless and user-friendly smart locker experience available on the market. The Metra smart locking system can be used with any type of lockers or locker material (laminate, HPL, metal, etc.).

Metra Touch Display 4

The 4,3″ Metra Touch Display offers smart, flexible and user-centric locker use experience in a small package. It provides similar features and options to locker users as its bigger brother, the Metra Touch Display 10, which are suitable for any traditional or modern workplace configuration  (co-working, ABW) and work arrangement (hybrid). It also offers a locker service mode feature, so cleaning or maintenance staff are able to disinfect, clean or do other locker related service.
The Metra smart locker solution with the Metra Touch Display 4 can be used with any modern access media like personal access card/fob/wristband, smart phone, smart watch and other. The Metra smart locking system can be used with any type of lockers or locker material (laminate, HPL, metal, etc.).


Metra Display

Metra Display with an illuminated, washable keypad is a great cost-effective, flexible and robust solution for smart lockers at your leisure, industrial or corporate facility. It can be used for your visitor lockers via random PIN codes or pre-assigned lockers for employees or students via pre-set PIN codes. Due to its Quick-Assign feature, it is also very suitable for dynamic workplaces (in combination with Metra RFID Reader). Seamlessly combine Metra Display with an external Metra Reader of choice (supports 99,9% of RFID media, Barcode/QR Code, etc.) to get a tailored locker experience with your physical or digital access media (employee access badge or fob, digital ID on smart phone or smart watch, visitor RFID wristband, ticket with PIN code or barcode, disposable wristband with barcode, etc). The Metra smart locking system can be used with any lockers or locker material.

Metra Display ISO

Do you need an all-in-one smart locker solution that supports your access media and PIN codes? Metra Display ISO with an illuminated keypad and embedded ISO reader is a cost-effective, flexible and robust solution for your smart locker needs. It is an excellent solution for smart locker use at your leisure, industrial, educational, corporate or other building or facility types. Benefit from various cost- and time-saving features of complete remote locker management and insights in real-time. When using it in smart locker solutions with Metra Touch Display 10 or Metra Touch Display 4, it can provide an unlock-only point for specific smart lockers or smart locker banks. The Metra smart locking system can be used with any lockers or locker material (laminate, HPL, metal, etc.).

Metra On-door Reader

Looking for smart locker solution for your highly dynamic work environment, leisure environment with certain peak hours (morning, afternoon) or to provide a user-friendly and touchless locker experience in a traditional manner? The Metra On-door Reader with locker status indicator, which shows the occupied (blue) or vacant (green) status of the locker, offers an individual locker use experience for short-term lockers (from a couple of hours to a couple of days). The smart locker solution is also used for permanent, long-term use of smart lockers in corporate or other environments where user is using the same locker all the time (without the locker status indicator on locker doors). The Metra smart locking system can be used with any type of lockers or locker material (laminate, HPL, metal, etc.).

Barcode & QR Code (touchless drop-offs and pickups)

The Metra smart locking system for tailored parcel locker solutions enables secure, touchless and error-free drop-offs and pick-ups between locker users (couriers, customers, employees, students, etc.). Metra Barcode Reader offers frictionless touchless locker experience to each user, who’s using your custom indoor or outdoor drop-off and pickup locker. When Metra smart lockers for personal storage and for parcel delivery and collection are used side-by-side, your employees or students use their personal access media to securely access the building, store their personal belongings and easily drop off and collect various items.