Wood in Architecture Winner.
Prestiguous »Wood in Architecture« award winner. The NINA-house is the headquarter of The Norwegian Institute for Nature Research. The building is a passive house. Low maintenance materials, that grow even more beautiful with time, have been chosen. The distinctive architecture ensures a good indoor climate, daylight and heat regulation.

NINA’s different types of work required a flexible building, with varied solutions adapted to NINA specifics. The slim building gives light from all directions and a good working environment. Door access terminal have been placed on various locations inside and outside the building. They are part of a complete access control system which allows employees to enter the building. Turnstile Access Terminals have been positioned at the lobby entrance to guide nice looking glass doors.

NINA’S modern and clean design locker rooms convince visitors and employees they are in a clean environment. A lot of space gives the feeling of free movement. Metra’s electronic locking system for lockers enhances that feeling by seamlessly integrating into lockers surface. System also support cashless payment in the building’s kitchen, using only employee’s RFID cards.

Find out more: The NINA House case study Download

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