What is a smart lock?

A smart lock for locker, sometimes also called digital locker lock, electronic locker lock, rfid locker or card locker, is the integral part of an integrated smart locker system used in a storage locker, wardrobe locker, cabinet etc. It is powered by electric current and can be managed through a central control system.

There are three main types of electronic lock for lockers:

  1. Battery-powered locks for lockers which are the cheapest and most basic solution. They usually need two to four Li-Ion batteries to function, which need to be replaced with time, which creates a time-consuming maintenance chore when hundreds or thousands of such locker locks are used as well as environemntal hazard, as empty batteries are environmentally very harmful and need to be properly (safely) disposed.
  2. Solenoid locker lock which are basically electronic magnet locks, where magnetic force is used to release or hold the lock.
  3. Electric motor driven locker locks which provide the highest level of security and best reliability.

Smart lockers can be remotely monitored and controlled to lock and to unlock. Electronic locks, in combination with locking and network components compose a smart locking or smart locker system. Such smart locker system, connected to LAN network, provides real-time info and insights of each lock and locker status and locker user activity, no matter how many smart lockers your company is using.

Smart locker systems are most popular used in automated parcel delivery as self-service parcel lockers in retail delivery, smart storage solution for offices, changing room wardrobe lockers in sports and leisure facilities, help schools and colleges to provide safe and secure student hallway lockers etc.

Metra’s smart, electronic, network-connected and electro-motor driven lock for lockers can be unlocked with preferred RFID key (i.e. employee access cards), NFC, mobile app, biometric  or other user interfaces. The unlocking process is completely touchless and thus safe, hygienic which is especially important in covid-19 pandemics. Depending on the smart locker mobile app setup you can unlock your locker using NFC (near-field-communication) a couple of centimetres from the RFID reader, with Bluetooth (BT) from up to 10 meters away, or using internet network to unlock your locker virtually anywhere from the world.

A truly smart locker is a locker which is locked and unlocked via smart, electronic, hard-wired lock, and can be managed remotely in real-time, along with its locker user and locker user’s media or locker “key”. As such, it offers instant insights and adaptation of locker use, depending which is the most needed at any given moment.

When deciding on using smart storage for your office or facility, such smart locker management, management of smart locks and its keys, will save you a lot of time, money, storage, space. Your smart locker solution should also be fully tailored to type of users, office or facility dynamic and other factors, you find important.

smart locker lock explained