Networked employee lockers.
The Southern Agriculture and Horticulture Organization (ZLTO) represents the interests of entrepreneurs working in green areas. Around 16,000 farmers and growers in the South-Netherlands are members this association.

ZLTO supports green entrepreneurs in their daily operational business and is also their connection to other sectors and organizations for creating new opportunities for sustainable economic growth and social welfare. But also a connection to consumers and people who love the countryside.

In the ZLTO head office DEN Bosch, Metra electronic locking system with Touch Display was installed to emphasize the modern and user friendly employee lockers, a feature that goes well together with the ZLTO’s contemporary image. Since the Metra system uses very little energy to function and has a long life expectancy, it fits perfectly together with the ZLTO’s vision of a sustainable architecture.

Find out more: ZLTO den Bosch case study Download

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