In an increasingly mobile world, people/employees expect smartphones to provide them with greater convenience – as well as enhanced security and potential health protection by limiting contact with shared items.

This expectation extends to both their private and professional lives. The mobile revolution has become a vital part of access control at workplaces – accessing smart buildings, smart offices and smart lockers.
Smart lockers might be used for personal or project docs storage, or for convenient in-house drop-offs and pick-ups for employees.

Why an app makes sense

Smartphone credentials, either in a mobile app or mobile wallet, are replacing the need to carry traditional plastic access cards to access smart lockers.
And that’s only one of the benefits.

Integrating smart lockers with Metra Smart Locking System at your workplace and leveraging credentials embedded on employees’ smartphones for their locker access, offers a number of benefits, such as:

  • increased storage security
  • added convenience
  • better workflow and collaboration
  • reduced costs
  • a reduction in environmental impact

Say goodbye to plastic access control cards

For decades, plastic access control cards have enabled employees to access their smart workplace lockers. However, ordinary access cards, much like ordinary locker keys, can be lost, misplaced or stolen, and they may be “borrowed” by unauthorized people (certainly much, much easier than borrowing your smartphone).

Mobile credentials add several layers of access security above the normal RFID access card – something that is becoming increasingly more important. We all want our personal belongings, a contract dropped-off in a delivery locker for a colleague to check, or a package from an online shop delivered to the office, to be stored as securely as possible.

  • Smart credentials don’t require an access card to be kept in a wallet, or attached to a lanyard
  • Most of us carry our smartphones with us throughout the day
  • FMs can take advantage of smart credentials to enable authorized visitors to skip registration at the security desk and get a temporary access card, reducing the number of touch points.

Mobile credentials are here to stay

The pandemic may have accelerated the move toward mobile credentials, but its use and popularity are here to stay. The added security, efficiencies and reduced costs of contactless mobile credentialing are making the technology a mainstream choice for organizations looking to improve access control.

An immediate switch from a card-based access control and locker access system to one only using smartphone could be prohibitively expensive for some organizations. Fortunately, the choice doesn’t have to be entirely one system or the other – the best solution may be a combination of the two. Or, if you’re using ordinary ISO cards, or maybe even flat keys, you can switch to more secure access cards, which will improve workplace access security (if you opt in for smart locking system, like Metra’s, to your lockers). Two birds with one stone. Not to mention the time, cost and social benefits for employees, the workplace and the company.

The benefits are the same whether your lockers are used for personal storage, to store project documentation for “selected few” or you are looking to provide a contactless and convenient drop-off and pickup system between two employees. The same goes if you’re looking to implement a shared, hybrid-work type of flexible locker use to save on storage and office space. This could improve storage security and hygiene, making sure your workspace is flexible and adaptable to employees’ work needs and, importantly, make for an appealing workplace, with a fully clean-line locker design, which could be used creatively for interior branding.

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